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Base Camp DecorEdit

Item Name Cost
XHubPathDirt Dirt Path 5 Gold
XHubHammock Hammock 10 Cash
XHubPathGravel Gravel Path 10 Gold
XHubStonewallW Stone Wall - West 25 Gold
XHubAztecWallRight Aztec Wall - Right 25 Gold
XHubAztecWallLeft Aztec Wall - Left 25 Gold
XHubStonewallS Stone Wall - South 25 Gold
XHubStonewallRight Stone Wall - Right 25 Gold
XHubAztecWallCorner Aztec Wall - Corner 25 Gold
XHubWoodFenceRight Wooden Fence - East 25 Gold
XHubWoodFenceWest Wooden Fence - West 25 Gold
XHubStonewallN Stone Wall - North 25 Gold
XHubStonewallE Stone Wall - East 25 Gold
XHubStonewallLeft Stone Wall - Left 25 Gold
XHubWoodFenceSouth Wooden Fence - South 25 Gold
XHubCobblestone Cobblestones 25 Gold
XHubWoodFenceNorth Wooden Fence - North 25 Gold
XHubLoungeSet Wicker Table 2 50 Gold
XHubCar Car 50 Cash
XHubTableset Wicker Table 1 50 Gold
XHubCameraScene Camera 200 Gold
XHubVases Vases 200 Gold
XHubTeaTime Tea Set 250 Gold
XHubXtapolapocetl Covered Statue 250 Gold
XHubTentBasic2 Pyramid Tent 250 Gold
XHubTentBasic3 Roofed Tent 500 Gold
XHubMonkey Monkey Statue 500 Gold
XHubWatchtower Watch Tower 750 Gold
XHubWaterTower Water Tower 750 Gold
XHubSupplyDepot Stash 1000 Gold
XHubDigsite Archaeological Dig 2500 Gold
XHubMotorcycle Motorcycle 3500 Gold

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