Cave of Skulls is a cavern type map in Chapter 1: Secrets of El Dorado. It's available as soon as you reach level 29.


Item Quantity
Supplies 5000
Food 5
Fuel 5
Water 5


The Jade Anaconda

  • Use the Master Key on 5 Keyholes.
  • Recover the Jade Anaconda.

Precious Stones

  • Collect 7 Fire Opals.
  • Collect 4 Amethyst Geodes.

Heavy Load

  • Get the Dart Frog Statue.
  • Get the Cane Toad Statue.
  • Get the Chirping Frog Statue.
  • Use the Minecart to send out the statues.



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

Cave of Skulls

2 Days N/A

Stars0 750 XCoin5 XWaterNoBack

Stars1 1500 XCoin60 XWaterNoBack

Stars2 1800 XCoin80 XWaterNoBack

Stars3 2100 XCoin100 XWaterNoBack

Stars4 2500 XCoin120 XWaterNoBack

Stars5 3000 XCoin150 XWaterNoBack

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