Central America
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World Map Base Camp Deep Jungle Mountain Cavern Volcano El Dorado

In this Map you can find the Snake Idol. The Third out of 4 Expeditions

Maximum Rewards will display the maximum ammounts an expedition may give you depending on how many mastery stars you had when you started the expedition, do not mistake these values for the bonuses you get when achieving a new level of mastery, which can be seen by clicking Rewards while on expedition. Those are listed in the Bonuses section.

Bonuses will be received when you achieve a new level (star) of mastery for an expedition and are totally different from the Maximum Rewards.

Expedition Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses


Danger Mine

1 Day Level 14

Stars0 3,250 XCoin | 3 XOilNoBack

Stars1 4,100 XCoin | 5 XOilNoBack

Stars2 4,150 XCoin | 8 XOilNoBack

Stars3 ?

Stars4 ?

Stars5 ?

Stars1 ?

Stars2 ?

Stars3 ?

Stars4 ?

Stars5 ?


Quaking Mine

2 Days Level 16

Stars0 2,740 XCoin | 1 XWaterNoBack

Stars1 3,740 XCoin | 10 XWaterNoBack

Stars2 ?

Stars3 ?

Stars4 ?

Stars5 ?

Stars1 1,800 XCoin | 10 XWaterNoBack

Stars2 2,200 XCoin | 20 XWaterNoBack

Stars3 2,500 XCoin | 30 XWaterNoBack

Stars4 2,800 XCoin | 40 XWaterNoBack

Stars5 3,200 XCoin | 50 XWaterNoBack

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