Tool Shop
XMachete2 XWhip2 XPickaxe XCompass XWood
Machete Whip Pickaxe Gadgets Upgrade

There is one more Gadget but it is Unreleased

  • Costs may be wrong
Gadgets Name Purpose Cost Requirement Adventure Cash Unlock
XDynamite Dynamite Blow Stuff Up 1,000 XCoin Level 5 100
XCompass Compass Find Nearest Treasure Room 250 XCoin Level 7 25
XEagleEye Eagle Clears Fog 500 XCoin Level 9 50
XGrapplingHook Grappling Hook Allows Access to new Areas 1,000 XCoin level 11 100
XFlareGun Flare Gun Drops Supplies Near 2,500 XCoin Level 27 250

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