Golden Jungle is the second expedition in the River of Gold. The enemies are Quick Snakes and Bush Snakes and are both level 7 and have both 6HP.

There are two secret locations (hidden under Blooming Bushes) on this map and 5 Dynamite Rocks.


Item Quantity
Supplies 50
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


Golden Map Piece #2 (150XP)

  • Use the First Master Keyhole.</li>
  • Use the Second Master Keyhole.</li>
  • Use the Third Master Keyhole.</li>
  • Recover the Egyptian Map Piece.</li>

    All that glitters

  • Collect 6 Golden Beetles.</li>
  • Collect 6 Golden Leaves.</li>

    Both Beetles and Leaves are hidden beneath Strange Bushes.

    Golden Llamas

  • Ask Friends for 12 Llama Dye.</li>
  • Dye the Llamas to their original color.</li>
  • Gather 30 Pieces of Splintered Wood.</li>
  • Repair the dam in the lagoon with wood.</li>



    Time Limit Maximum Rewards

    Golden Jungle

    7 Days






    Golden Jungle Map

    Golden Jungle Map

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