Golden River

River of Gold Map

Golden Source is the first expedition in the River of Gold series which was released on January 20th 2012. It appears to be a cavern type of map, but it is unclear at the moment of this is for all the expeditions in this serie (like in West Pole Adventure) or that the other expeditions will have different contexts (like in Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun).

The enemies on this map are Cave Spiders (level 7 and HP<4) and are easily defeated. There are two secret locations on this map: one in the center inside the vault and one on the south-east edge.


Supplies 50
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


Crystal Clear (50XP)

  • Ask Friends for 6 Wood Poles
  • Repair 6 Broken Levers
  • Solve the Power Crystal puzzle
  • Collect the Golden Map Piece

Cash fro Crawlies (25XP)

  • Collect 4 Golden Bugs
  • Collect 5 Gold Spiderwebs
  • Defeat 15 Golden Spiders

Smash and Grab

  • Break into the Vault of El Dorado
  • Let Forrestal into the Vault
  • Collect 6 Golden Vases



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

Golden Source

7 Days N/A

Stars1 150 XCoin5 XWaterNoBack

Stars2 250 XCoin8 XWaterNoBack

Stars3 350 XCoin12 XWaterNoBack

Stars4 500 XCoin15 XWaterNoBack

Stars5 700 XCoin20 XWaterNoBack

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