Jungle Approach is the last expedition is the Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun Series. It is a Deep Jungle type of map and you get 4 days to complete it. The Animals are Quick Snakes (level 3, HP<4)


Item Quantity
Supplies 50
Food 1
Fuel 1
Water 1


Adventure With Indy

  • Use 3 Statue Trap disarms.</li>
  • Use 2 Spear Trap disarms.</li>
  • Clear the 4 Snakes for Indy.</li>
  • Investigate the Standing Stone.</li>



    Time Limit Maximum Rewards

    Jungle Approach

    4 Days

    Stars150 XCoin2 XWaterNoBack

    Stars275 XCoin4 XWaterNoBack

    Stars3100 XCoin{{Water|6}

    Stars4125 XCoin10 XWaterNoBack

    Stars5150 XCoin15 XWaterNoBack

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