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A map basic map where you locate the colored faces to deactivate the ground spike traps before moving on. Upgrading your machete before attempting this place will save you some energy on the enemies (snakes) as they all have 3 health.

There is also one secret locations on this map. A bush hides a "Ultimate Rest Stop" that has access to a small puzzle and a few vases. Note that this requires a Rusty Key in order for you to open the Locked Hatch.



Get to the Finish! (100XP)

  • Get the first Champion's Sunstone
  • Get the second Champion's Sunstone
  • Get the third Champion's Sunstone
  • Get the fourth champion's Sunstone

Clear the Obstacles! (25XP)

  • Clear 5 Sprung Spike Traps
  • Use 5 Banana Peels to clean up

Take a Breather (25XP)

  • Investigate 3 hidden rest stops
  • Get 3 Azure Skulls
  • Get 5 Ruby Vases
  • Ask Friends for 3 Fly Swatters



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses

Jungle Run

3 Days N/A

Stars0 ? XCoin|? XOilNoBack

Stars1 100 XCoin|2 XOilNoBack

Stars2 150 XCoin|4 XOilNoBack

Stars3 250 XCoin|6 XOilNoBack

Stars4 400 XCoin|10 XOilNoBack

Stars5 600 XCoin|15 XOilNoBack

Stars1 ? XCoin

Stars2 ? XCoin

Stars3 ? XCoin

Stars4 ? XCoin

Stars5 ? XCoin

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