Tool Shop
XMachete2 XWhip2 XPickaxe XCompass XWood
Machete Whip Pickaxe Gadgets Upgrade

There are two more Machete's but they are Unreleased

  • Costs may be wrong
Machete Name Damage Cost Requirements Adventure Cash Unlock
XMachete Dull Machete 1 Free
XMachete2 Adequate Machete 2 1,000 XCoin

Level 3

Tool Shop Level 2

XMachete3 Fine Machete 3 10,000 XCoin

Level 9

Tool Shop Level 3

XMachete4 Sharp Machete 4 25,000 XCoin

Level 18

Tool Shop Level 4

XMachete5 Unreleased TBA TBA


XMachete6 Unreleased TBA TBA TBA TBA

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