Temple of Nickolas is the 7th expedition in the West Pole Adventure.

The enemies are Naught Spiders (HP=12), Empress Webspinner (HP=20), Naught Ram (HP=16), Naughty Snakes (HP=12) and Greater White (snake with HP=20), but there are only very few of them. If you look carefully you'll see several opportunities to trap enemies with presents. There are two Secret Locations hidden under Blooming Poinsentias and Rusty Keys are needed to open them.


Supplies 250
Food 3
Fuel 3
Water 3


Brand New Bag (100XP)

  • Ask 8 friends for Christmas Lists (facebook wall post).
  • Use 8 Mailboxes to send Christmas Lists.
  • Recover the Bag of Nickolas.

Chimney Slide (50XP)

  • Get the Holly Key.
  • Get the Conifer Key.
  • Use the Holly Keystone to insert the Holly Key.
  • Use the Conifer Keystone to insert the Conifer Key.

Confront the Naughty (50XP)

  • Defeat Grandpa Cliffjumper
  • Defeat Greater White
  • Defeat Empress Webspinner



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

Temple of Nickolas

5 Days N/A

Stars1 150 XCoin5 XWaterNoBack

Stars2 250 XCoin8 XWaterNoBack

Stars3 350 XCoin12 XWaterNoBack

Stars4 500 XCoin15 XWaterNoBack

Stars5 700 XCoin20 XWaterNoBack

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