Elusive Ocelot

Elusive Ocelot

The Elusive Ocelot is the second expedition for the Zoology series and is connected to Emily's Zoology Tent.

The treasures are normal Jade and Ruby Vases. Hidden in the bushes are Bush Snakes (level 7 and HP<4). There are also several Jaguars (level 7, 8HP), but you can avoid them by using the Ram Horns on this map.


Item Quantity
Supplies 150
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


Cat Tracks

  • Ask friends for 15 Jungle Catnip. (Direct Request)
  • Use 5 Scratched Logs to plant the Jungle Catnip.
  • Investigate 10 Ocelot tracks.
  • Charm the Ocelot with a Flute.

Shadow Blaster

  • Use 3 Ram Horns to scare Jaguars.

Emily's Jungle Guide

  • Find Emily's Journal
  • Collect 10 Emily's Journal Pages.



Time Limit Maximum Rewards

The Elusive Ocelot

5 Days

Stars1 150 XCoin | 5 XFoodNoBack

Stars2 250 XCoin | 8 XFoodNoBack

Stars3 350 XCoin | 12 XFoodNoBack

Stars4 500 XCoin | 15 XFoodNoBack

Stars5 700 XCoin | 20 XFoodNoBack

Elusive Ecelot Map

Elusive Ecelot Map

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