The Mountain ChaseEdit

On September 28th 2011 Zynga released a new Expedition in Adventure World. It is called The Mountain Chase. You will have to finish 3 Quests to complete the Expedition. This is part of the Standing Stone Series and it is a mountain map. There are two secret locations hidden on this map and for unlocking these a rusty key is needed. The beasts on this map are snakes with level 9 and with less than 4HP.


Supplies 400
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


Let the Chase Begin Goals Rewards
No Image Collect the First Stone Piece 75 XP
No Image Collect the Second Stone Piece
XMediumStandingstoneMiddle Use the Stone Piece
XMediumStandingStone Take a Rubbing on the Standing Stone

Sweet hearts and sweet tooths Goals Rewards
XCocoaTree Collect Cocoa 45 XP
Collect Sugar
Use Cooking Fires to bake brownies
XBrownie Collect Brownies

Take their Stuff

Goals Rewards
XBackpack Collect Backpacks 45 XP
XMap Collect Maps



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses


The Mountain Chase

3 Days N/A

Stars0? XCoin| 2 XFoodNoBack

Stars1600 XCoin|5 XWaterNoBack

Stars2700 XCoin|8 XWaterNoBack

Stars3850 XCoin|12 XWaterNoBack

Stars4950 XCoin|15 XWaterNoBack

Stars51100 XCoin|20 XWaterNoBack

Stars1400 XCoin

Stars2500 XCoin

Stars3 600 XCoin

Stars0Stars4800 XCoin

Stars51000 XCoin