Trail of Fire is a Volcano type map. The enemies are snakes (Level 7, HP=6) but can be lured into fires.


Item Quantity
Supplies 250
Food 2
Fuel 2
Water 2


Recover the Ruby

  • Extinguish the First Ceremonial Fire.
  • Extinguish the Second Ceremonial Fire.
  • Extinguish the Third Ceremonial Fire.
  • Recover the Coatl's Eye Gem.


  • Use the Snake Switch to get the lava flowing.
  • Use the Snake Switch to get the lava flowing.
  • Ask friends for Shed Snake Skins.
  • Add the Shed Snake Skins to the cauldron.



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards

Trail of Fire

4 Days N/A

Stars11400 XCoin2 XOilNoBack

Stars21600 XCoin4 XOilNoBack

Stars31800 XCoin6 XOilNoBack

Stars42000 XCoin10 XOilNoBack

Stars52300 XCoin15 XOilNoBack

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