Treasure Trail Icon

Treasure Trail Icon

Item Quantity
Supplies 600
Food 0
Fuel 0
Water 0

This expedition is one of the first ones and is because of that very simple and not very rewarding.

Alloted time: 3 days

Beasts: 2 Snakes (Level 2, hp < 4)

Treasures: 7 Jade Vases, 4 Ruby Vases and 1 Azure Skull

Secret Locations: none

Traps: 4 Ancient Statue Traps


Find the Azure Skull!

  • Recover (1) Azure Skull

Gather the Ruby Vases

  • Get at least 3 Ruby Vases

Gather the Jade Vases

  • Get at least 5 Jade Vases



Time Limit Unlocked at Maximum Rewards Bonuses

Cave of Montezuma

3 Days N/A

Stars0 250 XCoin

Stars1 300 XCoin

Stars2 350 XCoin

Stars3 400 XCoin

Stars4 500 XCoin

Stars5 700 XCoin

Stars1 ? XCoin

Stars2 ? XCoin

Stars3 ? XCoin

Stars4 ? XCoin

Stars5 ? XCoin

Treasure Trail Map (2)

Map of Treasure Trail

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