World MapEdit

In Adventure World there are many loctations that you can travel to. In the first Chapter you can travel across Mexico to El Dorado. To do that though you must obtain 4 idols that will allow you to then go to El Dorado. Finding these 4 Idols are not easy. To obtain them you will have finish Quests and Puzzels.

Central AmericaEdit

Chapter 1: The secret of El Dorado

XMapMesoVillage Base CampEdit

XMapMesoJungle Deep JungleEdit

XMapMesoMountain MountainEdit

XMapMesoCavern CavernEdit

XMapMesoVolcano VolcanoEdit

XMapMesoTemple El DoradoEdit


Chapter 2: Riddle of the Sphinx


Chapter 3: Secret of the Yeti

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